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The activities itemized below can be carried out as the first phase of a software project, preceding the programming phase. The main objective is to provide the customer with a reliable and competent technology advice that provides an optimal approach to implementation and deployment of the envisioned software system.
Business-case analysis and conceptualization of a software solution;
Business and technical requirements co-development;
Feasibility study, technology research, solution prototyping;
Blue-printing, preparation of a complete technical specification;
Software project planning, management;
For most software projects, at least some of these activities are carried out in order to have reliable project budget and timeframe estimations.

CATs system analysts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and issues being faced. They review the information and they brain storm amongst themselves to come up with innovative solutions using industry best standards. The inputs that you provide to us, will be used to prepare a suggested action plan.

"In most cases such preliminary analysis and draft estimations can be provided within a few days and free of charge."

Contact us for a no obligation FREE analysis and quote on your requirements.

One-off IT consultancy

This type of consultancy is useful to companies/individuals when they are looking to cover a crack in your IT project. CAT can assist you plug these gaps by providing expert opinion and consultancy on the subject. Many companies at some stage need to outsource small portions of their projects to specialized service providers who can assist them in completing their project. Consultancy of this type can include purchase of specific hardware, advice on selection of specific software products or technologies. Subject Matter Experts at CAT can assist you in decision making when more than one IT vendor seem to be giving conflicting information and an independent viewpoint is required.

Short term IT consultancy

This type of consultancy is sought by companies/individuals who are on the verge of completion of a project but for some reason cannot complete it without further assistance. Our IT consultants can assist you by analyzing the current status of the project and offer advice on how to move ahead and plan your project towards its completion.

End-to-end IT consultancy

This type of consultancy is useful to companies who own a non-IT company and require a strong Technology partner who can take care of “All the IT stuff, the best way it can be done”. Our IT consultants can study your requirements and suggest a solution based on industry best practices. Lend your IT worries to us!

IT recruitment consultancy

If you company require a small IT department to manage a project or take care of the in-house small IT requirements, we can help you find the right person who can take care of your IT requirements as an employee of your company save you money on external IT consultants.

If you are tired of hiring the “wrong person for the job”, consult us with your requirements and will analyze the candidates you have in mind to check if they fit your requirements.

IT infrastructure consultancy

If your company has a project that requires an IT infrastructure in place, contact us and our consultants can guide you on how to setup your IT infrastructure, what will you require, how will it work, what people you will need to make it work.

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