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E-COMMERCE SOFTWARE : Online Stores and Shopping Carts

Kick-starting your e-business is such a simple and hassle-free process you will wonder why you didn't plan it earlier.

Catabatic specializes in adding E-commerce capabilities to your business. Our analysts can empower your business expertise with E-commerce and expand horizons.

Business-to-Business(B2B) E-commerce solutions

B2B E-commerce solutions are ideal for trading companies and whole sale trading companies who form the backbone of an industry.

B2B e-commerce is about sharing information amongst partners and associates and conducting business securely and with least paperwork.

Trading companies require a fast and effortless ways of distributing the information to their vendors for requisitions and to their clients about available inventory.

Catabatic B2B distribution systems can enable your organization to conduct business is a fast, secure and effortless process. Our B2B e-commerce back end engines are designed to process, archive and enable secure process driven transactions that can be customized to suite your exact business requirements.

B2B ecommerce features

  • Multi-location accessibility through web based as well as desktop based applications

  • Multiple access levels for all types of users based on their role and access scope.

  • Easy to use interface that requires least amount of training

  • Secure and fast communication

  • Easy back up and restore facility to take care of unforeseen circumstances

  • Powerful XML/SOAP based distribution systems to enable error-free business communication.

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B2C E-commerce solutions

Catabatic e-store is a robust and flexible software to enable online B2C transactions.

Our shopping cart solutions are used to create search engine optimized web sites. The e-store and shopping cart are AJAX enabled to offer not just a great browsing experience for your web site visitors but also to convert them into paying customers.

The back end information and Operation Management System enables e-store owners to effortlessly manage their business, inventory and orders with minimum manual work.

The E-store comes fully packaged with advanced features as follows:

  • Up Sales
  • Cross Sales
  • Advanced discounts
  • Email templates
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Product variants(Apparel and fashion stores)
  • Material based pricing(Jewelery stores)

Upsales - "Combo offers"
Upsales suggestions are an excellent way to increase turnover of a online store. These are combo offers that attract customer attraction and encourages them to buy more.

Cross Sales - "Those who bought this also bought this"
Cross sales are items that are suggested to a buyer just as he/she confirms the first item. Cross sales are very effective in increasing sale.

Advanced Discounts - "Category discounts, product discounts, basket discounts, limited time offers, Christmas time bonanza"

Email templates

Online payment gateway integration

Product variant support

Material based pricing

Catabatic's e-commerce solution works as a virtual sales executive who suggests a range of products with a particular product.

Catabatic provides web-based e-commerce software to businesses interested in maximizing their success. The shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and can differentiate between different customer types. Catabatic's e-commerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs.

Don't be tied to a highly rigid design or shopping cart structure. Catabatic offers the flexibility you need to build your online operations to meet your specific business needs.
Solution available in:-
Ecommerce site using .Net
E-commerce site using LAMP
E-commerce site with AJAX & .Net (Under development)
Latest Sites:
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Joy is a leading fashion store chain in UK. The project was to create an online store for the company. The web site's administrative panel should remain in sync with their POS(Point Of Sale) software installed in all physical stores. The web site uses an AJAX based product show case to enable the visitors to view variants of a product as if they were in the real store. The store also features a dynamic flash based high resolution photo viewer to enable visitors to see minute details of the products clearer than real life. The web site is powered by MySQL fail over servers to sustain high volume of web site visitors.
Development Environment

OS: Linux
Programming Languages: PHP + Javascript + Ajax
Database: MySQL

Development Team

Team Size: 4
Man days: 800

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Zsuaro is a online store for various products at discounted prices. The challenge is zsuaro was to create ajax shopping cart, and multiple level complex discounts which are calculated in real time. The web site also features an express checkout that enables buyers to purchase items without an obligation to fill a registration form.
Development Environment

OS: Windows 2003 server
Programming Languages: ASP.NET + Javascript + Ajax
Database: Microsoft SQL server

Development Team

Team Size: 2
Man days: 500

Click Enlarge
Jewellery Store
The jewellery store is a online store for precious and semi-precious jewellery. The shopping area features flash powered high resolution photo viewing with very small load time. The store allows many to many relationship between products and categories optimizing the store for search engine and the products are easier to find by web site visitors.
Development Environment

OS: Linux
Programming Languages: PHP + Javascript + Ajax
Database: MySQL

Development Team

Team Size: 3
Man days: 300

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