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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) is a key component for every medium and large organization. Each company establishes a set of practices and procedures as they grow that are well-known within the organization.

Catabatic understands the diversity in the operation of each company and has developed totally customizable modules that can be clubed together to automate and standardize the tedious and repeatetive processes in your organization.

Conventional ERP products are rigid and time cosuming to implement. In addition they come tagged with very high prices that make the overall proposition "risky".

What your organization really requires is an Quick to implement, not so expensive and customizable software that takes care of "most of the things" and the vendor should have sufficient experience in the field. If the above holds true for your requirement, you have found the right page from the 1 billion that are available on the net.

Our ERP solutions start from as low as USD 25k and this include all required modules such as Purchase, Receipts, Payments, Sales, Payroll etc.

Our ERP solutions has been tested and are being used activly in USA, India and UK.

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