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Catabatic offers expert services in customizing open source software to prepare a affordable and easy to maintain solution for you.

Your project requires an experienced team of professionals who manage the project tasks professionally and within strict time frames. Our expertise with Open source projects will assist you in using the ready made open source utilities and packages to add functionality to your software and offer a great browsing experience to the users.

Harness the power of Free/Libre and Open Source Software and match it with CAT's prime expertise for:

eBusiness Open Source-powered custom solutions
Networking solutions for mission-critical enterprise environments
Data Storage
OEM Software Solutions

Maximize the strengths of Free/Libre and Open Source with CAT's refined methodology, quality assurance and support to dramatically minimize software development costs.

To approach us with any questions concerning a prospective partnership opportunity do not hesitate to contact us.
Team Expertise
This site section comprises information on the expertise CAT accumulated in the field of Open Source, including both technical expertise and vertical industry experience.

For over 2 years we’ve been utilizing Open Source to help our customers build a better business.

Currently, CAT has professionals, including the recognized members of the Open Source community that are capable of both building a versatile business application from scratch and re-engineering an existing solution and tailor it to meet the specific challenges of your business.

The table below summarizes the core expertise of the CAT open-source team, including the chief fields of competence and technologies:
Programming Languages Application Area
  • С for Unix
  • Ruby
  • Tcl/Tk
  • PHP
  • Linux Kernel
  • Drivers
  • Content Management Systems
  • Apache Extensions
  • System Management Software
  • Software Production Automation
    Security & Networking PHP
  • Samba 3
  • SSL
  • X.509
  • LDAP
  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Joomla
  • Simple Machine Forum
  • Word Press Blog
  • phpMyAdmin
  • JP Graph
  • Typo3
  • phpList
  • Groupware
  • OpenAds
    RDBMS / Support software  
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin

    Open Source with CAT's refined methodology, quality assurance and support to dramatically minimize software development costs.

    PHP Open Source software support

    If you have found the right open source software that you need for your business, Catbatic can provide expert level services in customizing, administering and maintaining that software for your company. At present we offer professional services in the following open source PHP software

    Content Management Systems

    A full featured Content Management and Publishing System.

    Typo3 is an advanced Content Management System, that includes several plugins to add functionality to your web site.

    Contact us for your CMS software requirements

    PHP CRM software

    Groupware - Groupware is a full features Customer Relationship Management software.

    Contact us for your CRM software requirements

    Web based forum Software

    Simple Machine Forum

    Forums are an excellent way to generate topic specific content and get contributions from internet visitors while you assist them in solving their issues. Forums are easily indexed in search engine and can contribute a lot in your Search Engine Promotion endeavor.

    In addition to Search Engine Promotion, forums are a good way to build databases of people interested in a topic of your concern. Data from forum software can also easily be imported into our CRM software.

    Catabatic can offer you professional support in terms of installation, maintenance and management of your forum using Open Source forums software such as Simple Machine Forum and phpBB. Both these applications are best is the league and can be setup in a short span of time.

    Contact us for your forum software requirements

    PHP Blog software

    Word Press Blog software is a ready to use bloggin software that can be setup within a few minutes and you can create your own blog with ready-to-use themes in less than 2 hours! The software comes with an easy to use administrative panel for webmasters to create pages.

    Contact us for your blog software requirements

    PHP library / Utilities

    JP graph
    Create hundreds of graphs to increase effectiveness of your web site. pages. Catabatic specializes in implementation of JP graph and we can assist you integrate JP graphs reports into your existing web based software.

    JP graph can be integrated with almost any PHP based product.

    Main list of subscribers for your web site. to whom you would want to send emails at regular intervals, phpList enables you to track failed deliveries, schedule mail deliveries so that hosting server does not experience an overload during dispatch of mails.

    Contact us for your Open source script customization software requirements

    Manage web site. advertisements

    OpenAds is a complete advertisement management solution to publish text and graphical advertisements. The system provides complete interface for advertisers as well as publishers.

    Catabatic can assist you implement your own Ad publishing network in your web sites or in third party web sites The product will enable you to start publishing advertisements from your advertisers within 2-3 weeks.

    Contact us for your advertisement management software requirements

    Case Studies
    Featured Case Study:

    CRM for Linux
    more »
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