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Offshore Dedicated Software Development Team from Catabatic

Outsourcing your project to a Offshore Dedicated Team is an excellent way to enhance your business with top-quality resources procured exactly as per your requirements and business objectives with the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement.

Catabatic is experienced and capable of providing a dedicated offshore team of professionals equipped with appropriate infrastructure, as well as of rendering Business Process Outsourcing services from offshore. Some of our services in this regard include the following:
Recruiting and providing profiled Software Development Teams to work onsite or near-shore for long-term engagement in a customer's project;
Responding to BPO demands of the customer with pre-screened specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure;
Offering Project Management and Quality Assurance/Testing Services through dedicated and competent personnel;

Customers can take advantage of our Business Process Outsourcing Service to support and improve some of their business processes by establishing
Offshore Call Centers
Offshore Data Entry Centers
Offshore Maintenance and Support Teams
Engaging dedicated Offshore Software Development or Business Process Outsourcing Teams is the best approach for projects significant in time or scope. While utilizing our Offshore Staffing & BPO model customers can benefit from tangible cost savings, as well as from confident Service Levels guaranteed by us.
Offshore Advantage with Catabatic
A dedicated team is exclusively engaged in your project. They cannot be assigned to any other tasks;
Easy communication via versatile means during convenient business hours;
Option to adjust team's business hours to your time zone;
Change requests are much easier to make in your multiple projects. You can change priorities, specification, and other project details any time and with no problem. No special change requests tracking and no budget review are required;
The team will insightfully study your requirements, business objectives, project expectations and preferences;
Customized project status reports, covering all project components, tasks, workload, idle time, progress, etc.;
Immediate Access to hi-end technology resources, infrastructure, broadband Internet and advanced methodology. More on our skills.

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE for your requirements or if you need any answers.

How does the Offshore Development Center work for you ?

Catabatic offers Software Development and IT services from its Development Center in Gurgaon, the new IT hub of India. Imagine this development center as community of software engineers who complement your in-house IT staff remotely and act as required by your project requirements and business needs. We can perform a variety of services related to software development life cycle.

The process of utilizing the services of our offshore development center is very simple and straight forward. You communicate us your requirements and wishes concerning the work to be done. Jointly with you, we define the project metrics and tailor up the team of software engineers from within our existing employees or hire resources locally. Thus, for an agreed upon period of time, you have personnel resources and technical infrastructure at your disposal.

Benefits of an Offshore Development Center

  • Reduced development cost in comparison to creating an in-house IT infrastructure and maintaining it.
  • Full control over the project and ability to manage it dynamically.
  • Option to outsource project management as well
  • Seamless communication with developers and Subject Matter Experts
    Privacy, confidentiality and security of data.
  • Back transferred intellectual capital and tangible results.
  • Hire resource for a short duration without any long term commitments or liability as per your project needs.

What does Catabatic Offer?

  • Man-hour efforts estimations.
  • Transparent development workflow and regular task reporting.
  • Seamless communication infrastructure to conduct calls regularly.
  • Focus on your core business and project goals.
  • On demand downsizing or up sizing of the offshore infrastructure and manpower.
  • Security and protection of your intellectual property rights and business data.
  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed to protect your interests.
  • Flexible work shifts with the business hours of your company.
  • Regular high quality deliveries to ensure your confidence and enable you to monitor the progress first hand.

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE for your requirements or if you need any answers.

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