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IT and Software Outsourcing Services from Catabatic

Companies worldwide are increasing their capacity and profitability with the use of outsourcing. Catabatic Automation Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading outsourcing companies in India, trusted by web development companies across the world to deliver cost effective design, development and SEO expertise.

In today's competitive global economy, the outsourcing of IT projects is an unshakable reality as the advantages associated with this symbiotic relationship are far too many to ignore. It directly translates into enormous savings both in terms of time and money, leaving the corporate free to concentrate on its core business. This is especially true in a location like India with its' pool of well trained, English-speaking and inexpensive specialists.

As more and more projects get completed in outsourced environments, the cutting edge technology associated with their conclusion is morphing to deliver an even higher degree of efficiency. At Catabatic we realize that if our clients are to reap the full benefits of outsourcing we have to be in total sync with their requirements and the pressures and deadlines they face. This understanding, coupled with our strict quality standards and constant innovation is leading increasingly complex, business-critical software development projects to us.

Outsourcing part or all of a web project is easy. Just email us a project specification. We will send you a quotation, and development can start straight away. You can contact us throughout the project lifecycle by Email, MSN Messenger, Skype, and Phone, and view progress online on our testing servers, so you can be involved as much, or as little as you wish.
Our philosophy!
At Catabatic we believe in keeping things simple, efficient and uncluttered. Our bottom line is to function seamlessly with our business partners so that they can realize optimum profits from their investments.
The five offshoots of our philosophy are:
The customer's perspective is our point of view.
Innovation within set parameters to better our output for the benefit of our client.
Highly qualified technocrats and experienced business managers work together to complete complex projects efficiently by staying at the very cutting edge of technology and business processes management.
Rigorous Quality checks at all stages during project execution.
Transparent communication channels establish trust.
The Catabatic philosophy is firmly grounded on high work ethics and leads to a long-term relationship with all our clients whether they are global brands or those growing to make their mark.
Why Outsource?
It is the "win-win" situation!
It is a very obvious and well-established fact that outsourcing takes away the stress for working the supporting business so that you can focus on the core competency of your venture. This has been demonstrated by countless enterprises, which not only have cut costs drastically, but have also got an edge over the competition.
Outsourcing reduces costs significantly.
It helps you leverage on your outsource partners experience and trained manpower.
Leaves you free to focus on your core enterprise.
Improves the time to market due to virtually 24/7 development cycles.
Gives you quality work streamlined to your requirement.
Why India?
India's outstanding advantages as an outsource location is the availability of well trained, English speaking and inexpensive specialists is well complemented by the safeguards in its economic policy towards international integration.

Statistically speaking, the global market for IT and BPO off shoring is currently worth around USD 40 billion. According to NASSCOM, the Indian industry association, India thus commands a 44% share of the global market. And this figure is expected to grow. The success stories here are many, well known and proved many times over.

In quality too India's IT and BPO companies have self-imposed high standards for the quality of their product. Hence, India's outsourcing sector experiences strong demand from industrial nations.
Case Studies
Featured Case Study:

CRM for Linux
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