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Hotel Management Software

Create a powerful Website for your hotel and automate your hotels sales & Marketting

Introduction to Property Management Software

"A market leading software for hotel owners that allows you to manage your frontdesk bookings as well as sell real time inventory through leading travel portrals & 5000+ travel agents"

Catabatic is a market leader in providing online property management software in the Indian and International Travel Industry. Thousands of indipendent hoteliers use our software to market their hotel through their own website as well as on major travel portals in India.

Property Management Software is ideally suited for indipendent hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast units in India.

Product Highlights

  • Automate business through online bookings
  • Allow major travel portals to sell your rooms
  • You get to choose which travel portals should sell your rooms and at what rate
  • Manage your walk-in customers using the same software
  • Export your data to Tally Accounting Software
  • Permanent internt connectivity is not required.
  • Internet payment gateway to receive payments from your customers.
  • Block rooms to prevent certain rooms from being sold on 3rd party websites.
  • Tweak rates(markups/downs)
  • Easy to use interface (requires minimum training)
  • Fully E-commerce enabled.
  • Web 2.0 enabled public website as well as back office
  • Easy to understand Graphic Reports (Business/ MIS)
  • Multi-user, Multi-access control system
  • Process driven software to standardize company operations.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Integrates with any 3rd party platform (if required)
  • Search Engine Optimized public websites


How does it work ?

The Property Management Software comes with multifold advantages.

While you can use the PMS to Manage your bookings which come through your sources such as walk-in customers, and your known travel agents; The software internally works to capture unsold inventory.

The unsold inventory of your hotel is stored into a central store that is maintained by us. This inventory is then distributed to several online travel portals and over 5000 travel agents accross the world.

The PMS works as a 24*7, helpdesk for your potential resellers who continuously search for availability and book rooms. As soon as a booking is received from a 3rd party source, the payment is collected online using a credit card payment gateway and the room inventory is reduced from your local software.

Property Management Software; Online Hotel Reservation Software

Hotel Reservation Software Details

Expected Booking Volume
Requirements / Cost
Your hotel reception Low NO COMMISSIONS. This is your business. We wont take a commission here.
1. PMS Software (one time)................................
Rs. 4,500 Medium


PMS Software...................................
Internet Payment Gateway.....................
Total Commissions


1. PMS Software (one time)................................
Rs. 4,500
2. Book Now Button(for existing websites)..........
3. cost)(optional).............
Rs. 8,000
       Domain registration (1Yr)
  Hosting for 1 year (1Yr)
  Website designing
    (Ready templates, Included FREE)
Your Existing Travel Agents Medium NO COMMISSIONS. This is your business. We wont take a commission here.
1. PMS Software (one time)....................
Rs. 4,500
Leading Online Travel Portals High
PMS Software ...............................
Portal Commission.........................
Total Commissions
5.0% + x%

x% is defined by the travel portals. However you have the ability to disable/enable any travel portals.
1. PMS Software (one time)....................
Rs. 4,500
5000+ Travel agencies across the world. Very high
PMS Software................................
Portal Commission.........................
Total Commissions
5.0% + x%

1. PMS Software (one time)...................
Rs. 4,500


  • Internet Payment Gateway: Internet Payment Gateway allows your customers to pay for their bookings online using a Credit Card. The bank charges a transaction fee on every payment that is received. The payments received against your bookings will be sent to you every 15 days.
  • x% commission: If Online travel portals such as cleartrip/yatra etc do any bookings for your hotel, they would expect a commission. Each portal has an interface to feed in the x% commission that they require from your hotel. Important to note that the travel portals and travel agents already have an interface to define these commissions and they will not contact you for updating their commissions. Your side of the software however does allow you to block/unblock specific travel portals/travel agnecies from selling your inventory.
  • Property Management Software: The PMS System for your hotel under a limited time offer is availabel for just Rs. 4,500+Taxes. Contact us to buy your copy of Property Management Software. If you have any queries that you would like to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us at +9810541423(Amit)(Mon-Fri, 10:00AM-8:00PM IST), we'll be glad to assist you in resolving any queries that you may have regarding our software.


Is this software sutiable for small hotels ?
Yes! Infact, our property management software has been specifically designed from small hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast unit and homestays.
How will I know when someone books a room ?
As soon as a room is booked you will receive an email alert + SMS alert !
How will I manage my offline travel agents ?
You can continue dealing with your offline agents using the software itself. The software also allows you to block bulk inventories for your existing tie-ups.
Can this software be used for any destination in the world ?
No, presently this software is designed only for small hotels and guest houses in India.
I own multiple hotels, how can this software help me ?
The software allows you to manage multiple properties but a separate license is required for each property that you wish to manage.
From where all will my customers be able to book my hotel ?

Your customers will be able to book the hotels using the following methods:

  • Walk-in to the reception of my hotel
  • Make a booking through my local travel agent
  • Make a booking using your hotel's website
  • Make a booking using any of the major travel portals in India and abroad
  • Make a booking through over 5000+ travel agents across the world
  • Make a booking by any other means that they can use NOW!
Can we customize the look and feel of the public website ?
Yes, the public website is fully customizable and we will discuss your design rquirements and propose solutions before starting development on the public website. Please note that your own website + customizations are chargeable as additional cost to the software.

Contact us to buy your copy of Property Management Software. If you have any queries that you would like to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us at +9810541423(Amit)(Mon-Fri, 10:00AM-8:00PM IST), we'll be glad to assist you in resolving any queries that you may have regarding our software.

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