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Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services from Catabatic

Search Engine Optimized websites drive more traffic to websites and increase sales. This process involves implementation of organic SEO techniques to make search engine treat your website and its content as "important".

Search Engine Optimization is a highly cost effective method for generating quality traffic to your site. There are many facets to optimizing your site to get you the exposure you want and need. At Catabatic we are continuously keeping up on the changing ways search engines find and rank your site.

Other SEO service providers may offer you guaranteed top ranks in search engines, but be adviced that using keyword spam of illegitimate link building may give your website a temporary boost but raise red flags at search engines to mark your website down permanently or worse be completly thrown out of indexes in the long run.

At Catabatic we research search engines and device organic ways to promote websites on the web. These methods yeild stable long term results for on-going profits for your website.

We have developed a process for increasing the chances that your site will receive good placements on the major search engines. You can start by having your site built smart by Catabatic. The major search engines use various methods for cataloging Web pages, and the HTML on your Web pages should be designed with this in mind. Include only keywords, title tags and alt tags that are relevant to your site to get the best results.

We start by researching where you come up on the key search engines and how you stack up against your competition.

You can maintain a good position ranking by keeping your Web site fresh. Update the content on your site on a regular schedule and be sure that as you change the site you change and improve the HTML on your Web pages.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

  • SEO package for static websites

  • SEO package for database driven websites

  • Advanced SEO package for database driven websites

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE or for any answers that you are looking for.

SEO package for static websites

Starter SEO package is suited for websites with 1-50 web pages. Starter package includes the following tasks

  • Fix HTML erros in every page
  • Correct HTML compatibility issues in every page
  • Optimize headings and page content to become readable by search engine
  • Remove show stoppers such as HTML redirects and replace with appropriate SEO freindly redirects
  • At meta content for each page
  • Build internal links according to the key phrases provided by you.
  • Build external links from legitimate and genuine sources to prmote website visibility.
  • Fix link texts within external websites and internal pages
  • Create search engine optimized links
  • Add title text to all internal links
  • Adding title and alt text to photographs
  • Adding robots.txt
  • Build search engine sitemaps

SEO package for database driven websites

  • All tasks in "SEO package for static websites" +
  • URL rewriting as required
  • Auto-generation of sitemaps as pages change
  • Auto-submission of updated sitemaps as they are generated

Advanced SEO package for database driven websites

  • All tasks in "SEO package for database driven websites" +
  • Page-wise traffic monitoring
  • Visitor tracking
  • Search engine rank monitoring
  • Phrase optimization on pages through search engine traffic analysis

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE or for any answers that you are looking for.

Our SEO specializations

We specialize in SEO work for the following types of websites

  • Single Product based websites
  • Travel agency websites
  • Hotel/Resort websites
  • E-commerce shopping websites
  • Manufacturer's websites
  • Exporter's websites
  • Business directories
  • Social networking and community websites
  • Real estate websites
  • Medial services/equipment related websites
  • Air ticketing websites

Specialized SEO Services

  • Content Writing
  • Article Publishing

Please contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE or for any answers that you are looking for.


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