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N.E.S.T ( Nurturing Essential Skills & Training's)

A powerful Learning & Development Management System for Medium/Large Companies

Introduction to NEST

"NEST is a easy to use training planner for the HR department of an organization"

NEST is a comprehensive Learning and Development management system for medium/large companies. Many employees of your company are regularly required to undergo various kinds of training's and attend specialized courses, Nest automates the process of learning management using the following features:

  • Capture Training Need Analysis Data from appraisals
  • Announce new courses to target audience
  • Enable employees to apply for courses
  • Enable their managers to approve/reject those courses
  • Enables HR to estimate the attending audience
  • Enables HR to create and manage schedules
  • Enables HR to communicate schedules to concerned employees
  • Capture Attendance data
  • Capture Employee feedback on courses attended.

Software Highlights

  • Web based software
  • Role based access control
  • Budgeting Control System
  • Manager Approval System
  • Course Re-scheduling support
  • Unlimited users and courses
  • Simple financial tracking
  • Email Alerts
  • Built-in Tabular/Graphical Reports
  • Custom Reporting


Macro Planning

Nest offers the HR Department the functionality to plan broad level operations of the L&D segment such as annual budget allocations, vendor database management, course database management etc.

The functionality offered to the Software Administrator under this section includes the following

  • Allocate annual budgets to employee groups.
  • Define employee groups on the basis of band, location and designation
  • Maintain central vendor database
  • Maintain a database of course
Course/Training's Database

Nest has easy to understand interface for maintaining a detailed database of courses and training's on offer. The software provides an interface to manage the following dimensions for a course:

  • Title / Other textual descriptions
  • Target Audience
  • Faculty/Coordinator
  • Venues
  • Labeling of courses into Categories/Tags
  • Start/End Dates
  • Minimum group requirements
  • Course Fee
  • Course Pre-requisites
Budget Allocations

Nest enables the L&D Managers to allocate annual budgets to employee groups on the basis of their band, location and designations.

The budgets that are allocated are a cap limit on the amount that an employee spend each year on the courses offered by the company.

Unused amount carry forward: Advanced budget management section enables the L&D Managers to define rules of how un-used balance to be transferred to next year.
Loans Management: If an employee has exhausted the annual budget before the end of the year, he/she could request a percentage of the current budget from the next year. Such loans are subject to HR approval. The rules of how much loan can be sanctioned can be specified in the Administrative panel of the software.

Course Re-scheduling/Cancellations

Due to various reasons, scheduled courses can get re-scheduled, re-located or even cancelled. Nest automates the task of informing all attendees in case of a course pre or postponement.

In case a particular attendee is unable to attend the course due to the altered schedule, the software enables the administrator to refund part/full course fee into the employee’s account balance.

Reminders & Alerts

Nest has a built in email alert system that reminds users of the tasks that are scheduled to happen or events that have occurred that they need to be aware of.

Given below is a list of email alerts that a user receives:

  • New password request: If a user has forgotten the account password, an email is sent to the users, which enables them to change it.
  • Course Announcements: If a new course is uploaded to Nest, the software sends announcements to employees who fall within the target audience of the course.
  • Course Applications: When an employee applies for a course, an email is sent to the Manager requesting them to approve/reject the application.
    • If the Manager fails to respond to the first email, reminders are sent automatically.
    • If after repeated reminders, the Manager fails to respond, then an email is sent to the HR Dept to investigate the issue with the manager’s email account or the manager!
  • Course Application Response: When a manager approves a course for an employee the following emails are sent out:
    An email is sent to the employee about the approval.
    Another email is sent to the HR Admin to inform about another confirmed participant.
Bulk Operations

Nest makes it very easy for the administrators to carry out repetitive and tedious tasks required to maintain the website up to date. The following bulk data managers allow the administrator to bulk import/export data into the software.

Smart Employee Database Update: Every month new employees join/leave an organization. The Administrator simply needs to take an export of these employees from their ERP system and Upload them to Nest The Bulk data handler will is scheduled, the target a
Bulk Course Upload: Most of the empanelled vendor or internal course managers would send schedules of their courses in an excel file. Such excel files can be easily uploaded into the system in a pre-defined format.
Bulk Downloads: In order to maintain data integrity and avoid mistakes, the Nest software enables Administrators to download data from the software in the form of excel sheets. These excel sheets can then be used to compare the differences between changes in data since the last download or make corrections. Once the corrections have been made, they can be uploaded again and data handler will automatically, update existing records or insert new ones.

Types of Users supported
  • Visitors
  • Registered Users
    • Executives
    • Managers
  • Administrative Users
    • Regional Administrators
    • Super Administrator


Which companies is this software suitable for ? / Who is using NEST ?

NEST is suitable for any corporate with an employee strength of 500 or more.

Presently this software is being used by 3 Fortune 50 companies to manage their country-wise employee training and skill enhancement programs.

Is this an e-commerce application ?

While NEST does manage a lot of financial data for employees, as well as the company. The software is not designed to carry out any financial transactions online.

Please contact us if you have a specific requirement for carrying out online transactions.

How is the software licensed ?
The software is licensed on a per installation basis. There are no restrictions on the number of employees or courses or administrative users etc.
Can the software be used to manage off-site training's ?
Yes, it can be used for any types of courses internally managed, outsource, on-site courses as well as off-site courses.
How are the courses added to the software ?
Courses can be added to the software by simply uploading a course excel sheet. The template sheets can be downloaded from the software itself.

Also, web based forms are provided for updating/adding new courses.
How does the software manager the change in employee database ?
Employee records can be added/deleted/sorted/filtered/searched using web based forms. Additionally the software allows administrators to download bulk employee data, update the data in excel and upload it back into the software. Excel exports from most popular ERP systems can be directly imported into NEST.

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